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E.ON UK is one of the leading energy company which provides their services to all their customers at United Kingdom (UK). It is a subsidiary of E.ON which is best known as the world largest investorowned power and gas organization. E.ON was founded on 1989 and its headquarter is located at Coventry, England, United Kingdom. The CEO of E.ON is Mr. Tony Cocker, who has good knowledge about their work.The E.ON is best known for their customer care support where we try to answer all the queries of our customers and resolve all their problems. For more assistance, please contact us by calling us on our customer care number mentioned in our website.

To avail our services, first you need to register with us using the Register icon. On clicking this icon, the Registration form appears on the screen. Provide all the recommended details like first name, last name, email id, mobile, address, account number, and more. After that, you are being our permanent customer and avail our online services like pay your bill online, get meter reading, view our usage charges, and lots more. For your registration, if you need any type of assistance, kindly login to our website and get online assistance. Further, you can call us and also write mail to us. We are happy to help you

E.ON UK offers the following list of services or solution:

  • Energy Solutions
  • Business Services or an Internal Service Provider)
  • Central functioning viz. Corporate and Finance Affairs

E.ON also offers some more services and functionalities:

  • ON Climate and Renewables
  • ON Engineering and Technology services
  • ON Oil and gas exploration and production
  • ON IT Service Provider

EON Customer Services Number

We are going to share eon customer service number which is allow to support any time. You should choose the eon customer service number according to services. if you have any complaint then you should contact eon customer service executive by email id or office address. you should use the eon customer service number for instant support. if you have any feedback or suggestion than you should contact by email.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service Team 0345 052 0000
Billings and Payments 0333 202 4606
Emergency Helpline 0800 111 999
Tariff Renewal Enquiries 0345 302 4298
Reward Points (Standard Meter Customers) 0345 301 5350
Reward Points (Prepayment Customers) 0345 302 4317
Reward Points (Smart Meter Customers) 0345 302 4331
Online Account Enquiries 0345 301 5933
Moving Home Queries 0333 202 4643
Prepayment Gas Meter 0333 202 4694
Prepayment Electricity Meter 0333 202 4651
Smart Meter Enquiries 0345 366 5973
Supplier Change Enquiries 0333 202 4610
Home Energy New Connections 0333 202 4730
Business Energy New Connections 0333 202 4920
Developer New Connections 0345 301 5921
Energy Saving Home Improvements 0330 400 1183
Bereavement Support Enquiries 0333 202 4841
Energy Monitor Enquiries 0333 202 4798
Disconnection Enquiries 0333 202 4544
Feed-in Tariff Enquiries 0345 301 4884
Smart Pay As You Go 0345 366 5996
Green Deal Enquiries 0300 123 1234
If you’re overseas and need to speak to us +44(0) 115 843 4373
If you’re deaf you can contact us on Minicom 800 056 6560
To receive letters and bills in Braille 0333 202 4762
To make a payment, give meter readings or for questions about your bill 0345 059 9905
If you’ve just changed supplier 0345 301 4905
If you’ve just changed supplier 0345 302 3473
If you’re moving or have moved home 0345 303 3040
If you’re moving or have moved home 0345 303 3020
If you’re moving or have moved home 0345 366 5976
For business enquiries  0333 202 4586
If your enquiry is about Smart Pay As You Go 0345 366 5996
If you have a prepayment meter 0345 303 3040
Gas Service Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity emergency 105
Carbon monoxide emergency 0345 059 9905

E.ON Customer Service Number


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