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Plusnetis one of the leading British Internet service provider (ISP) and it offers broadband, landline, digital television and Mobile services to all their customer with high quality network reachability. Plusnet was founded in the year 1997 at Sheffield, South Yorkshire. On July 2004, Plusnetbecame a public limited company and best known for their quality services at low cost. If we are talking about Internet service provider then certain things come first in our mind which are network connectivity and cost of it. Plusnet proposes both things with quality network connectivity at all their network areas. For more deals and discounts, login to our company website and also follow us at social networking site mainly at Facebook.

On 30 January 2007, the scenario gets changed and it was acquired by the BT Group. But Plusnet continuously offering their services as a separate business entity. After that, the company rapidly working hard and ensuring great success. You can easily identify the success or growth as till December 2013, the total count of their customers cross to the number of 750,000 across the UK. The main aim of Plusnet is to provide cost effective Internet services. Thus, timely they propose different plans and deals to increase their profitability and return on their investment.

Not only this, Plusnet is well known for their high quality and modern customer care support where we facilitate our customer from all perspective. Our mission is to resolve or answer all the queries of our customers so that they need not required anyone else assistance for availing our services.To avail our services, first you need to register at our company website. Our customers can follow us on Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube. Additionally, you can call, write, and send message to us for any assistance.One can get the customer care number mentioned at our website and we are happy to help you.

Plusnet Customer Service Number

Now, we are going to share Plusnet customer service number which is allow to contact plusnet customer service executive for support. you can contact plusnet customer service executive by different services such as broadband, phone, TV, account and other. If you have any queries related to any service plusnet you can contact plusnet customer service executive. if you have any suggestion or feedback than you can write in the mail and send via mail or by customer service number.

  1. Plusnet Customer Service No: 0800 432 0200 (from within the UK)
  2. Plusnet Customer Service No: +44 345 140 0200 (from abroad)
  3. Account and Billing, Business Cancellations Free Number: 0800 013 2632
  4. Account and Billing Abroad, Business and Cancellations Abroad: +44 330 123 9197
  5. Plusnet Customer service No Sales: 0800 023 2221
  6. Plusnet Customer service No Sales: 0330 123 4433
  7. Plusnet Customer service No for Business: 0800 028 0282 (from within the UK)
  8. Plusnet Customer service No for Business: +44 330 123 9123 (from abroad)
  9. Plusnet Customer service No for Partner and Dealer: 0800 023 2345
  10. Plusnet Customer service No for Partner and Dealer: 0330 123 5123
  11. Personal Account Cancellation Free Number: 0800 731 7512

Plusnet Customer Service Number


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