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Salt is one of the leading organization which is famous for their mobile network, phone, and SIM card related services. Not only this, they also offer extensive customer care support where we try to answer all your queries raised in our customer mind. The main aim of our services and products is to facilitate our customers by well organizing and managing their tasks. Thus, we offer them highly advanced and modern customer care support to educate and guide about how to use our services. In this way, they don’t need anyone else assistance. For more details, please contact us through our customer care number mentioned in our website.

Moreover, to avail our services, first you need to register with us using our website. After that, you can enjoy best deals and discount opportunities which reduces your charges. Using our website, you can avail bundle of services like add subscriptions, phones, mobile internet, roaming, cash back, online bill payment, device help, prepay, business customers, and much more. These services enhance the experience of using mobile and internet service. Not only this, we offer highly extensive service support to all our customers. We integrate with almost all the payment gateways through which payment is no more headache. Your all critical data or information is highly secure as we don’t share all these information with others.

Salt is best known for their unlimited calling, mobile internet, and high speed 4 G plans. If you need more assistance on the use and avail of these services, kindly contact us through calling or mailing. Our customer care numbers are mentioned in our website. We are happy to help you by answering all your queries. Further, details about our products are also well explained in the company website and you can login to our website or register with us.

Salt Mobile Customer Service Number

Now, we are going to share Salt Mobile Customer Service Number which is allow to get support 24X7 hours in week. you can consult Salt mobile customer service for support while you face any issue to use. If you have any queries related to Salt mobile than you can easily contact with Salt mobile customer service executive for help. If you have any suggestion or feedback than you can contact with Salt customer service executive or write and send to salt customer service executive.

  1. Salt Mobile Customer Service Number: 0800 700 700 (Local)
  2. Salt Mobile Customer Service Number: +41 78 700 70 00 (Abroad)
  3. Salt Mobile Customer Service Number: 0800 078 078
  4. Business customers Service Number: 0800 700 600 (Local)
  5. Business customers Service Number: +41 78 700 60 00 (Abroad)
  6. Salt Mobile business offer: 0800 780 000
  7. Plus World can be purchased only at full price. Please contact us at 032 326 68 32 for more info.

Salt Customer Service Number


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