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Write for US – Contribute a Guest Post or Article for Education

I am going to open opportunities for all students or writers to contribute high-quality content related to the educational informative content according to student requirements. If you are interested in writing content for us, then you should follow some guidelines which are mentioned below. I want to publish content related to education or learning which are kids friendly.

Write for US – Contribute a Guest Post or Article for Education

Content Contribution Guidelines for Writers

We are going to mention the content contribution guidelines for all writers interested in writing for us, you must follow that guidelines.

  1. Content Languages: we accept two languages of content such as Hindi and English. you should provide the content in that language except Hindi or English we can’t publish or receive content for posting on the website.
  2. Content Topic: Content should be related to education and be kids-friendly. Content must be informative. commercial, or promotional content can’t be accepted or published on the website.
  3. Content-Length: Content should be more than 1000 words with small-small paragraphs as well as heading and sub-headings. Below 1000 words can’t be accepted.
  4. Content writing: content should be handwritten not accept AI written content.
  5. Error-Free Content: Content should be errors free such as grammar errors and spelling.
  6. Content Guidelines: Content should be original, and has not any copyright issues in the content. High-quality informative content only accepts.
  7. Term and conditions: after publishing content, you can’t publish that content on other websites otherwise guest posts or content will be removed.

You must be following all the content guidelines which are mentioned above in the points. You can place the YouTube Video Link, Images, infographics images, and other different types of content. You should design your content according to the student’s point of view as well as Google Guidelines.

How to Contribute Guest Posts?

You can contribute content through an email ID. I am going to mention the email id below you can drop mail. I would like to suggest you mention the website name in the subject of the mail to better understand. If you have content then mention the write for us or contribute a guest post. If you want only to link Exchange mention the link exchange. []

Other Guest Post Sites

Websites NameWrite for US DA
andlearning.orgWrite for US 30
bestlearner.orgWrite for US 58
etlbmagazine.orgWrite for US 61
learnermagazine.comWrite for US 61

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