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Fedex is leading courier company in India which is providing 60 countries around the world. Fedex is a American Courier Company. You can easily send your product around cities and countries. Courier charge depends on the weight of Goods. Fedex is also offering commercial courier services around the world. if you are using Fedex courier service and facing any issue than you may contact with Fedex Customer care to resolving your issue. Fedex is most popular and famous courier company around the world as well as India.

There are multiple ways to contact with Fedex customer care such as you can call toll free no for Fedex customer care, you can also use email id and domestic customer care number as well as address include Website address and social profile. If you have any suggestion or query related to Fedex services than you can use Toll free customer care number otherwise you can use the email id for complain.

Fedex Customer Care

Are you looking for Fedex customer care details than this is best website to get each and every customer care details one by one. Firs you can get the Toll free customer care number for Fedex customer and email ID for Fedex customer. You have complain regarding Fedex services such delay, or damage any product or any other than you can contact with your domestic customer care.

Fedex Customer care Number

We are going to share Toll free customer care number for Fedex to contact easily and resolve your issue. There are multiple Toll free number for customer to resolving issue. It may be possible to busy Toll free customer care number than you should try other toll free customer care number.  There are two type to toll free number first is domestic toll free customer care number and other is international customer care number. if you send you product in your domestic area than you should use the domestic customer care number otherwise you can use international toll free number.

  1. Fedex Customer Care Number: 1800 419 4343 (Domestic Services)
  2. Fedex Customer Care Number: 1800 22 6161 (International services)
  3. Fedex Customer Care Number: 1800 209 6161 (International services)

If Toll free Number is not reachable or Busy than you can call on this number 022 25714444.

Fedex Customer care Email ID

If you want to claim to Fedex in India than you can send your mail here otherwise you can send your complain, query here  you can also send your complain or query online via website contact form (

Important Point and link of Fedex

Now we are going to share very important link below for Fedex related inquiry.

  1. You can easily track your courier at Fedex from this link: Visit you must be enter your tracking number or reference.
  2. If you want to know about how to claim to Fedex than you must visit for details.

Fedex Customer care Number

Now, we are going to share the Fedex Customer care number according to Top Cities in India. you can easily get the Customer care number around your city. City wise customer care number can help in your mother language.

Dellhi Fedex Customer Care Number 40540126 / 26175458
Bangalore Fedex Helpline Number 30601618 / 30601617 / 30601640
Chennai Fedex Customer Care Number 26491051 /52/53/ 26493051/52/53
Kolkata Fedex Customer Care Number 40128300
Mumbai Fedex customer Care Number 1442300/61449600
Hyderabad FedEx customer Care Number 9247077903/8418233901
Nagpur FedEx customer care Number 221966/ 221185/ 221187


Fedex Customer Care Number



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